The Garden Path arrive sur Nintendo Switch après son succès sur Kickstarter – Nintenderos

Here is the confirmation of a new indie title for Nintendo Switch. This was announced a few minutes ago by its developers. From what’s been shared, The Garden Path will be coming to console after you successfully complete your fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. In fact, he surpassed his initial goal of £20,000 by reaching a total of £30,000.

For the moment we do not have a more precise release date, so we will be attentive to more details. In the meantime, you can find the premise and trailer for this indie title below:

Far from your old life, you find yourself in a new desert that hides a life that once lived in these dense forests, waiting to be rediscovered.

The Garden Path explores the quiet moments of a perfect life, where your garden will grow to reflect both the passage of time and your own design. Time flows there in concert with the real world, and the passage of the seasons heralds new encounters and a new story to be woven.

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